Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures 2.0

Impossible Creatures is an amazing real-time strategy game

Impossible Creatures, previously known as Sigma: The Adventures of Rex Chance is a game that has all the elements of real-time strategy game available for the enjoyment of RTS lovers. It is characterized by its original concept of replacing traditional armies formed by men for others entirely formed by robot animals. These are not common animal, but hybrids created through special Sigma technology, around which goes the plot of the game. In fact, their characteristics also make it ideal for making title multiplayer games, and you can create your own army and bring it to the arena to combat online against the inventions other players made. Similar to Pokemon, but much more elaborated and original.
Although the music is not bad at all, it is not a highlight due to its weak presence.
To be a strategy game, the graphics are nicely built. Everything, absolutely everything is in 3D and looks really good. However, contrary to what you might think, this game does not need a super computer to have a good performance, and with a standard hardware configuration the game will run very smoothly. The beasts are fairly well designed, although some have a touch caricature that brings them a more bizarre look, especially when you are creating a hybrid.

María Noel Balla
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